What could you achieve for clients by being more aware of their rights?

We’ve had it confirmed that we were successful in our bid to the Baring Foundation for a training, education and capacity building grant. The Foundation has been kind enough to award us funding over 2 years for us to work in collaboration with the North East Law Centre and ten of our other members to support them to develop and use legal and human rights approaches to make a difference to the lives of their beneficiaries.

This could include supporting our members’ frontline delivery to recognise when a legal approach would benefit the people who use their services, to develop expertise in advising people to challenge decisions made against them, and to find ways to help beneficiaries get legal redress.

We were one of only 18 successful projects to be awarded funding in the Foundation’s Strengthening the Voluntary Sector programme, which, in this round, received 250 bids (ie a 1 in 14 chance of success).

In the next few weeks we’ll be in touch with our members to invite them to benefit from this project.