Have you met Josephine and Jack?

These life size and anatomically correct cloth people are a unique learning resource for people with learning disabilities and are one of the legacies of Them Wifies, the Newcastle based community arts organisation that closed last year after 36 years of service supporting disadvantaged communities in the North East. Them Wifies, a member of the Consortium, transferred Josephine and Jack to Monkfish Productions CIC (who recently joined the Consortium) to use in a range of workshops exploring health, sexual health and wellbeing.

Monkfish Productions has found their work with Josephine and Jack so successful that they are creating a new home for both and have announced that, with support from Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service (NCVS), they have registered The Josephine and Jack Project (JJP) with the Charity Commission as The Josephine and Jack Project, an independent charity!

Barbra Robson, Thomas Doukas and Claire Murphy-Morgan, with Josephine and Jack

The new charity will be chaired by Barbra Robson, the former Chief Executive of Them Wifies. The other Trustees are Claire Murphy-Morgan of Monkfish and Thomas Doukas from Choice Support.

For the time being, on the surface, little will change. Monkfish will continue to deliver the existing Josephine and Jack work while the charity begins to apply for its own core and development funding (under license from Monkfish). Only when this funding is secured, will Josephine and Jack move to their new home. They will keep their supporters posted via a party, Facebook page, Twitter account and website.

In the meantime, the arts side of Monkish Productions will continue to develop its own projects – including the very exciting “Pas Moi” project that we’ll be running in Broadacre House, Newcastle in autumn 2016, with support from the Arts Council. They will also be relaunching their Poetry Booth – so watch this space!

If you want to know more, please contact Simon James at simon@monkfishproductions.org and visit http://monkfishproductions.org/about