Newcastle CVS Report on Food Poverty

Newcastle CVS have published the latest study on food poverty, which shows that too many children and adults go to bed hungry in Newcastle. The report highlights the worrying trends in rising food poverty in Newcastle and focuses on the response from local voluntary and community groups.

The key findings include:

•  There has been a noticeable increase in food poverty in the last six years

•  Those people affected by food poverty are no longer just those associated with homelessness and people falling on ‘hard times’. Many of the people who use foodbanks today are employed, working people and there is particular concern around children going hungry

•  The report shares stories where the voluntary sector have been able to offer help but what about those who have slipped through the net?

•  A number of organisations don’t want to over-publicise their activities around food poverty because they can’t cope with the demand

•   Many organisations reported increasingly handing out food informally when it is known someone is in need

Newcastle CVS suggests that the key issue is not response, creativity, generosity and kindness but one of policy.

The full report: Food Poverty in Newcastle : The Voluntary and Community Sector view and response is available on

You can read Sally Young’s blog on

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