Well North Celebration Event and Legacy Report

A celebration event was held for all 10 Well North Pathfinders at Norton Priory in March to showcase the impact of programme over the last 4 years and to introduce Well North’s legacy vehicle, Well North Enterprises.

Well North Enterprises will offer expertise in enterprise, innovation, arts, creativity and leadership development to organisations across the UK and internationally.

Lord Andrew Mawson, Executive Chairman of Well North and Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive of Public Health England (pictured below), spoke about the achievements of each Pathfinder and the difference they have made to the health and wellbeing of people in their local communities.

The event featured a short film which illustrated each Pathfinder’s successes. We were very proud to see the Well Newcastle Gateshead project appear in the film, a copy of which can be found at: http://www.wellnorth.co.uk/

Matt Worden, Well North’s resident artist, was commissioned to create sketches for each Pathfinder highlighting their stories and projects. A picture of Well Newcastle Gateshead’s sketch can also be seen below, and a copy of it is in proud display in our office!

Well North have published a report detailing the work and legacy of the Pathfinders. You can read it here:

The Well Newcastle Gateshead project and Arts Fund will continue until 2020/2021, with a view to extending the programme beyond this date dependent on funding.