Our mission

The members of Blue Stone Collaborative (BSC) share a common concern: that current commissioning models across a range of issues including health, social care, housing, and employment support, are not yielding the best value to commissioners, or the best services for the people and communities we serve.

Whilst some progress has been made on integrated commissioning approaches, there is still too much commissioning in silos, resulting in a piecemeal, uncoordinated effort, often aimed at the same individuals and communities. This can encourage competition not collaboration, duplication of resources, and areas of unmet need.

Commissioners and providers alike can feel restricted in what we would want to achieve because of inappropriate and overly prescribed forms of performance measurement and apportionment of financial risk. Such mechanisms can be counterproductive, creating perverse incentives on how ‘improvement’ is demonstrated.

BSC senses a shared concern and frustration among experienced commissioners and we want to help address the situation.

With this in mind, BSC would like to be more than just a group of providers vying for contracts. We are interested in exploring new ways of working with local commissioners and stakeholders to help shape and improve how we plan, commission, and deliver for our communities. We provide an in-house, third sector brokerage service that enables local organisations to come together and provide commissioners with a route for collective planning, delivery, and, when required, procurement.

To this end BSC can offer:

  • VCS commissioning support and coordination for our public sector commissioners
  • Excellent knowledge of local people, communities, and services
  • Soft and hard data
  • A wide range of engagement, involvement, and communication opportunities
  • Access to our partner agencies and supporters
  • Opportunities to look at how charitable funding and social investment can be better aligned to (and complement) statutory funding streams
  • A willingness and ability to pilot new ways of delivering services or co-ordinating existing services to achieve radically reshaped delivery and/or valuable incremental improvements in performance and efficiency