Our values

The values of the Blue Stone Collaborative inform our role and purpose and provides us with a framework for how our members relate to each other, to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations outside of the Collaborative and to commissioners, funders, social investors and policy makers.

Our values are expressed through common public sector values:

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Respect for the individual and communities
  • Putting people at the heart of services
  • Empowerment
  • Social inclusion

Principles supporting these values include:

  • Cost effective use of human and financial resources
  • Managing and reducing risk
  • Maximising best value for the service user and commissioner

Values relating to the role and purpose of the consortium

  • Flexible, open and transparent systems that invite participation from new members and makes it clear what they are ‘signing up’ for
  • A creative approach to an environment of increasing demand and reducing resources
  • Systems to demonstrate good value and efficient use of public funding
  • Actively ensuring a diversity of providers able to understand and meet the needs of particular communities
  • Valuing the contribution and potential of all consortium members with a commitment to learning from each other and assisting each other to develop and promote best practice

Voluntary and community sector values

  • Prioritising services for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities
  • Taking an asset based approach to working in communities that provides opportunities and develops the potential of local people
  • Not for profit only membership
  • Valuing co-production of services and the active involvement of service users

Business values

  • Implementing commissioning and procurement led quality standards
  • A commitment to demonstrating good user focussed outcomes
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement
  • Take decisions based on business and financial analysis and risk management
  • Recognising the professionalism of staff and volunteers and valuing their contribution and expertise to their organisation and service users
  • A commitment to market development