How to join

Membership criteria

Make sure your organisation meets our five criteria:

1. Voluntary and community or other not-for-profit organisation

Private sector businesses and public sector bodies will not be eligible to join.

2. Area of operation

Members must be either based in, or delivering services in, Newcastle upon Tyne and/or Gateshead, as defined by current local authority boundaries.

3. PQQ compliance

To become a full member of the consortium, an organisation must be able to meet the policy, procedure, and system requirements of a typical public sector pre-qualifying questionnaire. Associate members will have to demonstrate how they are working towards PQQ compliance. This is essential for the consortium to be able to show that its members can meet the minimum standards required for service providers.

4. Information management capability

Consortium members must be able to provide the Hub with regular information relating to client numbers, case details, financial performance, and similar. Information must be provided in a form that is complete, clear, and accurate. This requirement is fundamental to the operation of the consortium.

5. Commitment to consortium working

Commitment to the consortium’s vision and values; to participating actively in the consortium’s development; and to sharing expertise, knowledge, and experience with other members.

Cost of membership

To support our development and to cement a mutual commitment between our members and us we introduced a membership fee in April 2016.

This enables us to bring our members together more frequently for business development meetings and other events. Importantly it provides members with an incentive to engage with us to maximise the return on their membership fee.

The membership fee is on a sliding scale:

  • £75 for small organisations (less than £250,000 annual income)
  • £125 for medium sized organisations (less than £1m annual income)
  • £200 for large organisations (over £1m annual income)

Initially this fee will cover membership until April 2018; thereafter it will be annual.

How does my organisation apply to join?

Please contact Vanessa Nogueras for more information:
07845 074206