Our work

We enable public and third sector organisations to work together to improve the lives of individuals and communities by offering a number of solutions to some of the barriers they face when they seek to collaborate to work with the most disadvantaged people in Gateshead and Newcastle to change their lives for the better.

These solutions include

  • Brokering relationships and opportunities: we look to enable our members to work together to seek, assess, pursue and win business opportunities that would not be accessible to them individually. These opportunities come from our members and as result of the relationship we build with commissioners, investors, funders and prime contractors.
  • A clear route to and from commissioning and planning: we want to offer a simple and single point of access through which our members and commissioners can develop business relationships. This enables commissioners to benefit from working with a diverse group of providers to develop collective responses to economic, health, social, environmental and cultural challenges and opportunities.
  • Developing alliances, partnerships and supply chains: we want to work with members to map existing supply chains and to develop new ones to identify where we can add value. By bringing organisations together that work in complementary fields, to develop solutions to health, social, cultural, economic and environmental needs in a way that is richer than that from any single member.
  • Managing contracts; managing relationships – building on our success in managing the Fulfilling Lives Newcastle Gateshead programmes, we offer ways for members to benefit from contracts larger than ones they could win and deliver on their own.