North East Wilds Forest Lunch Club Project Update

North East Wilds and Stomping Grounds have delivered over 50 food parcels over the past 4 weeks to women in Chopwell village as part of their Forest Lunch Club project, supported by the Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts Fund.

They said: “It’s sad not to be out in the woods cooking and crafting with this group of wonderful women, but we’re really glad that we can support in other ways. We’ve also delivered some grow kits and with thanks to The Pickle Palace we’re able to deliver some bedding plants to some families too. If we can’t take the group into the great outdoors, we’ll bring it to them instead! With thanks to Well Newcastle Gateshead for their support and flexibility at this time.”


Well Newcastle Gateshead Projects Go Virtual!

The COVID-19 situation has presented the community, arts and culture sectors with unprecedented challenges, with many organisations looking to connect and engage with beneficiaries in new and innovative ways.

Some Well Newcastle Gateshead funded projects, including North East Wilds Forest Lunch Club, Digital Voice Skills for Chopwell and Friends Action North East Make Art, Make Friends are connecting with participants online and making art in virtual spaces. North East Wilds are providing additional support through the provision of food and arts activity boxes to help women who are self-isolating in Chopwell.

Friends Action North East have released an online arts tutorial for their participants, which you can view below:

We are so proud of each of our projects’ efforts to connect with those who need it most. Thank you all for the amazing work you do to make your communities healthy and connected places!