Quick Crafters Chopwell Wall Hanging Event

We were delighted to attend the unveiling of the Quick Crafters’ Chopwell Wall Hanging, supported by the Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts Fund. The piece will be on permanent display at Chopwell Community Centre, for residents and visitors to enjoy.

It looks fantastic and depicts the landmarks and spirit of the town. Well done to the group and artist Donna Cheshire, worked with the group to produce the piece!

The group hope to do similar work in the future with the equipment they were able to purchase with the Arts Fund grant and to increase their membership with new creative activities.

Quick Crafters Children’s Crafting Day

The Quick Crafters Group, supported by the Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts fund, held a Children’s Crafting Day on 13 August 2019 at Chopwell Community Centre. Children and their parents made some lovely crafts, including clay figures and driftwood boats. Some of the parents loved the activities so much, that they will join the group at their fortnightly sessions!