Well Newcastle Gateshead Projects Go Virtual!

The COVID-19 situation has presented the community, arts and culture sectors with unprecedented challenges, with many organisations looking to connect and engage with beneficiaries in new and innovative ways.

Some Well Newcastle Gateshead funded projects, including North East Wilds Forest Lunch Club, Digital Voice Skills for Chopwell and Friends Action North East Make Art, Make Friends are connecting with participants online and making art in virtual spaces. North East Wilds are providing additional support through the provision of food and arts activity boxes to help women who are self-isolating in Chopwell.

Friends Action North East have released an online arts tutorial for their participants, which you can view below:

We are so proud of each of our projects’ efforts to connect with those who need it most. Thank you all for the amazing work you do to make your communities healthy and connected places!

Friends Action North East Make Art, Make Friends Video

Friends Action North East are a charity based in Newcastle who help adults with learning disabilities in the North East of England to make and keep friends.

In their Make Art, Make Friends project, supported by the Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts Fund, participants have been involved in a range of arts activities, including print and dance. In this video, they showcase what they’ve done to date and express how the project has helped them make friendships. Have a look below!

Well Newcastle Gateshead Community Conversation February 2020

Well Newcastle Gateshead’s next Community Conversation will take place at the Riverside Community Health Project on 12 February 2020 from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

Come along to discuss ideas for projects and creative activities for children that you’d like to see in the area and learn more about the Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts Fund.

We hope to see you there!

The Empty Space/RHWE – Wacky Kids Day

The Empty Space and Reviving the Heart of the West End’s Community Producing project, supported by the Well Newcastle Gateshead Arts Fund, has been going very well and has reached a group of parents and children in the area.

In this video, parents and children talk about Wacky Kids Days activities as part of the project, and the impact they have had on them and the local community.

Thank you very much to The Empty Space and Reviving the Heart of the West End for sharing this with us!